Search Engine Optimization Services
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Search Engine Samurai can help you:

Generate Sales Leads
Turn Leads into Orders
Track ROI to ensure profitability

Generate Sales Leads:

Search Engine Optimization

Obtain first page ranking on the most important high-traffic keywords in your industry. We guarantee first page ranking or you owe us nothing. We have helped companies quadruple sales within 90 days.

Turn Leads into Orders:

Lead Distribution and Tracking

When a customer fills out a lead or order form on your web site, how fast can you turn around a response? Search Engine Samurai creates systems that integrate your web forms with your sales and customer service contact manager systems. Leads pop up on your desktop CRM or contact manager software; customer contact can be immediate, before they move on to another site.

Customer Relationship Management

Search Engine Samurai is an expert SalesLogix CRM integrator. We can ensure that your web visitors become customers through a comprehensive response system, automatically generating and fulfilling literature and quote requests, and making each web visitor a part of your CRM sales pipeline for prompt sales follow-up.

On-line Sales

Search Engine Samurai has developed a sophisticated shopping cart application with an AI personal shopper that can up-sell and suggest add-ons to orders prior to check-out. The system also includes advanced features such as order status tracking, customer "wish list" and online credit card processing. The system tracks return visitors, purchasing habits and can automatically make customized special offers for high-value clients.

Track ROI to ensure Profitability:

Calculate the effectiveness of Search Engines, Keywords, Headlines

Deciding which search engines, keywords and headlines to focus your time and money on is critial to your profitability. Search Engine Samurai has created tracking systems that report the percentage of sales by count and dollar amount, with breakout by Campaign, Referrer, Source, Keyword and Headline - the most specific breakdown of any statistics package available today. Getting this specific is required because these are the where the "make or break" descisions are made on budget allocation. Our statistics package aggregates data across search engines, so you can easily compare results from Google, Yahoo (Overture), MSN and others.

Contact us today for a free consultation

Our work starts with a thorough understanding of your business objectives. Call us today to schedule a free consultation. After a face to face meeting or phone conference, we will be happy to provide you with a complimentary competitive analysis report, showing you where you rank vis a vis the competition, and how many new customers a well-executed SEO campaign can generate for you.