Search Engine Optimization - Glossary
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The process of preparing pages and web sites specifically for top search engine placement. In competitive categories, the top rankings are usually dominated by specialists who perform SEO exclusively or as a component of web development. For more information see our SEO Defined page.

Paid Placement (PP)

Search Engine listings sold on a per-impression (CPM) or per click (CPC) basis. For more information on Paid Placement see our Paid Placement Defined page.

Ad Spend

How much you are spending on your advertising campaign. Although this usually refers to the cost of Paid Placement listings, it can also include the cost of an SEO campaign. When comparing dissimilar campaigns like banners, PP and SEO, it's important to include the cost of the creative (graphics and copywriting) and management as well as the ad spend in your ROI figures.

Lead Acquisition Cost (LAC)

How much it costs to gain the contact information for a qualified prospect. This is a person who has expressed interest in your product, and is interested in talking to a salesperson or interfacing with an online ordering system. Some products and services require personal contact for pre-sales analysis or consultation are not likely to be sold online. In these cases, the objective of the online marketing system is to generate a qualified lead for further contact by a traditional sales channel. The intent of the ROI tracking system is to calculate the cost of the "engagement" or lead. This is referred to as a "Lead Acquisition Cost" (LAC) The LAC of an online campaign can be compared to the LAC of traditional lead development: telemarketing calls, trade show badge scans, magazine bingo card responses, inbound calls from broadcast or print ad campaigns. Online marketing can usually yeild a lower LAC than traditional channels if conducted properly.

Customer Aquisition Cost (CAC)

How much it costs to make a sale, and add the customer to your client roster. This number often refers to the entire cost of customer aquisition, not only the percentage of ad spend required to gain the customer, but the percentage of salesperson's time required to close the deal. The sales-cycle cost is expecially important for high-ticket and long-lead-time sales. The quality of a lead will directly influence the amount of time and money spent developing the lead in the sales process.

Lifetime Value (LV)

The total amount spent by the customer throughout the client-vendor relationship. Some campaigns will not pencil out if you just calculate the ROI for the first sale. It would be unwise to evaluate the effectivess of a marketing campain solely on the first sale if there is a high probability of making future sales to that customer. This number is often estimated for ROI calculations based on historical performance.

Click-through Rate (CTR)

The number of people who click on you search engine listing or banner ad and end up on your site, usually a specific Landing Page.

Landing Page

A Web page specifically created to be the first page someone sees as the result of clicking on your search engine listing or banner ad. The landing page is usually written to deliver a coherent message that works in conjunction with the offer made in the listing headline and description, supporting the offer and drawing the visitor into an engagement process.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

A pricing scheme for Paid Placement advertising.